Carlos Gomez’s Functionality of Design

Functionality of Design (UX Design)

ATTN: The Client

RE: Functionality of Website

  • What is accomplished by this website?
  1. Primarily, this website acts as a portfolio for Carlos Gomez, that shows his previous works in Videos, Writings, Photos, and Other Works (currently in Comics and Doodles).
  2. Users can follow Carlos Gomez through other outlets in social media of Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.
  3. A way to contact Carlos Gomez.
  • How Should the User Be Able to Use the Website?
  1. Search (for text) on the website through footer widget.
  2. Link to social media accounts of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr.
  3. Access to recent tweets (3 posts) through Twitter feed widget on footer that allows them to access Twitter account and perform normal activities like retweeting and liking a tweet.
  4. The user can look at previous works through Menu tabs of Videos, Writings, Photos, Other Work (that has within it, Comics and Doodles sections), which lead to corresponding works associated to those menu heads.
  5. There is another way to reach other previous works through a menu in the footer titled “Collective Works” that leads to works in all the areas listed above.
  6. Access to pages and posts corresponding to menu tabs and subheads (e.g. Writings leads user to my writings, etc.)
  7. Access to video gallery through “Videos” menu tabs.
  8. Access to photo slide show through “Photos” menu tabs.
  9. View PDFs of works available in PDF format (Photo essay example)
  10. Leave comments on posts.
  11. Share videos with others via their social media by clicking “Share this” on the upper-right corner of videos.
  12. A way to contact me through contact form through the website in “Get in Touch” section.
  • Responsive Design?
  1. The website can be used across multiple screens, including mobile devices because of its responsive design.
  • What Tools Should the Website Manager Have (What Controls Are There)?
  1. Through WordPress, the manager would be able to create/edit pages and posts, attach tags or assign categories to those posts, customize/change themes, upload media, handle comments, create users, manage plugins, and other standard WP tools.
  2. Usage Statistics (through Jetpack plugin)
  3. Site-building tools (through WordPress tools)
  4. Photo/Video gallery (through NextGen, Gallery plugins, or through WP)
  5. Backup/restore system (via WP)
  6. Caching system (using WP Fastest Cache plugin)
  7. Website security (through Sucuri Security, BulletProof Security, Akismet Anti-Spam, and Loginizer plugins.)
  8. Manage updates of plugins.
  • What are the Public Facing Structures?
  1. Header Media presents a short film done by Carlos Gomez once starting. On-mobile, instead of the short film a head media, a photo image is present in its place.
  2. Menu Heads of Home, Videos, Writings, Photos, Other Works, About Me, and subheadings corresponding to the works within those subjects.
  3. Home page that presents recent posts.
  4. Video page that has a slideshow of videos created.
  5. Subhead pages of each of the 3 videos created that are featured in the slide show.
  6. Writing category that presents all uploaded writings.
  7. Subhead page for each individual writing (named after title of writing)
  8. Photo page that leads to a slide show with photos.
  9. Subhead page for each individual photo collection/essay
  10. Other Works category that presents alternative works that don’t fit in other categories, such as comics and doodles.
  11. Subhead categories of Doodles and Comics that each lead to works under those medium.
  12. About Me page that leads to a little description of Carlos Gomez.
  13. Subhead page of a contact form titled “Get in Touch” so that users can contact Carlos Gomez.
  14. Footer 1 contains Twitter feed of recent (last 3) tweets from Carlos Gomez.
  15. Footer 2 contains: Description of Website called “What’s This?” search tool dubbed “Use This to Find Stuff,” and an alternative menu titled Collective Works that has the menu headings of Videos (with subheadings to each video created), Writings, Photos, and Other Works (with subheadings to Doodles and Comics).
  16. Bottom of the page has additional social media links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube.

Functionality of Website- SLuna


February 24, 2017

Attn:      The Client

Re:         Functionality of the Website

Below are the basic functional criteria for the website. Essentially, it is supposed to display the following kinds of pages, and allow you to do the following tasks/actions.

I.        The website should have built-in tools for creating and presentation the following:

A.      Pages

Home– where users can click and it redirects them to the main site of the pageà an overview of portfolio

Photo Gallery- photos will be provided for viewers to see sample work from the photographer

Video Gallery- videos will be provided for viewers to see sample work from the videographer

Contact– Page where potential clients can contact the event planner, videographer, and/or the photographer (links to videographer’s and photographer’s work is provided by clicking on their pictures)

About- learn who we are and what we do

Resources– people can find different resources for wedding planning venues, limo services, catering, etc.

B.      These presentation modules (generally found in WordPress themes or as plugins):

1.                   Pages

2.                   Portfolio (clients and/or projects) presentation module

3.                   Video presentation (galleries) from previous weddings

4.                   Photo galleries

5.                   Website security and copyright

C.      Press/media services

1.         allow subscription to different mailing lists, e.g. for different clients or projects by emailing us individually

2.         news tracking: access to videos and photos

D.       “Responsive” layout — the website must cleanly resize to fit different devices.

II.      The website should allow viewers to accomplish the following actions:


1.                   Search (for text) on website

2.                   Contact wedding planner/ get more info about them

3.                    Look at photos and videos from previous weddings

Tishauna Carrells Functionality of The Website


Attn: David Gross

Re: Functionality of the Website


  • The website should have built-in tools for creating and presentation the following using the “Shine On” theme template on WordPress:  
  • A. Pages
  • About- A page where they can read a small biography about me and my website
  • Contact- A page where they can fill out a contact form to get in contact with me

  B. Blog

  • There should be a section in the top bar menu, where they can click and choose which content they want to see from a drop down menu. Here are the categories it should link to :
  • Eat- Viewers can read about the foods I’ve tried
  • Travel- Viewers can see my blog post relating to travel
  • D.I.Y- Viewers can read my, “Do It Yourself” post
  • Also a Blog menu should be an option in the top bar menu, where it will link to all my blog post.
  • Click header to lead to home page which links to all the blog post
  • C. Tools For Owner
  • See traffic and engagement statistics using Jetpack, should be able to see which blog post receive the most and least traffic, what links users clicked on, how many subscribed to my email and how many comments
  • Backup/restore/ Import system if I want to transfer to a different blog site or save current content
  • Protect from Spam (Akismet and Sucuri Security)
  • Website security (Bullet Proof Security)
  • Site building tools (Jet Pack)
  • Be able to receive comments, reply, and view their website (if authorized)
  • D. Press/Media services
  • Will be suggested to contact me through another email
  • E. A “Responsive Layout” that should resize and adjust to any device viewers may use, minor adjusts are okay .
  • F. Social media
  • Twitter and Instagram icons in top menu should link to accounts
  • Live Twitter feed on the side of the website
  • G. Updates:
  • A subscription box on the side of the website to get email updates
  • II. The website should allow viewers to accomplish the following actions:
  1. Comment on my blog post
  2. Be able to “search” with a search box located on the side of the blog
  3. Have an option to follow me on Twitter and  Instagram in the top bar menu
  4. Subscribe through via email for blog updates with subscription box
  5. Choose blog category from drop down menu
  6. Click “Read more” from page break