Tishauna Carrells’ Pitch Letter

   Tishauna Carrell ~ Tcarrell@horizon.csueastbay.edu


January 7, 2017

Attn: Internet Workshop, David Gross


I look forward to developing an astonishing and interactive layout for your blog, Eat.Travel.DIY.

I understand that you want a lifestyle blog that consist of your daily interest, with sections of  Do It Yourself (D.I.Y), Eat and Travel in the drop down menu, an about page, contact, and a blog page where all your blog post can be listed. In order for readers to not be overwhelmed, the navigation and layout must be well-structured. The overall website should be: simple, minimal color and easy to navigate. In order to keep the top menu minimal, the websites header will be the home page where it will lead readers to all the blog post.

I enjoy the idea of a lifestyle blog and with your target audience is women ranging from ages 13- 30, and with hundreds of bloggers creating similar content,  it’s important for your blog to leave  a good first impression to have readers come back on your site. I understand that you want a search bar on the side so anyone can type in blog topics and an archive that is organized by months.

As a blogger, you want your readers to be able to keep up with you. On the top bar menu there will be a Twitter and Instagram icon they can click on to lead to your sites. A live feed of your Twitter will be on the side of the blog aswell. In order for them to get immediate blog post, there will be a subscription box on the side of the site.


I nominate WordPress as our source for building and maintaining a website. In my experience and for your flexibility, we will have to spent atleast 5 hours a week and will be done March 16 by 2pm  (including graphic designing, planning, custom coding, meetings, revisions, and installation, etc.). I offer to create the website for at a project fee of an A+ by the deadline.  

While I have complex skills in coding and making customized websites, I believe this approach is not suitable for you. Instead, I am providing links of blogs I’ve created using WordPress that is great but also suitable for your convenience.










Tishauna Carrell


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