Carlos Gomez’s Contract



between Carlos Gomez (hereafter, DEVELOPER)


David Gross (hereafter, CLIENT)

This document constitutes the contract between the above-mentioned parties.

Project Description

The project is to create a website/online-portfolio for Carlos Gomez for the CLIENT to grade, on the basis of its ability to help promote Carlos Gomez’s talents to potential employees, collaborators, funders, and clients. The project includes research, programming, structural design, graphic design, page production, and more as it heads to the final stage.

The website will be based on an existing WordPress theme to reduce costs and improve stability. The website will include the following sections:

  • Home
  • Videos (with subsections for each video)
  • Writings (with subsections for each piece of writing)
  • Photos (with subsections for each collection of photos/photo essays)
  • Other Works (with subheadings of Doodles, and another labeled Comics, that each have subsections that lead to works pertaining to that type of medium)
  • About Me (that leads to a subsection titled “Get In Touch” that leads to a contact form for users to contact Carlos Gomez)

Stages of the Project

The project will be complete in five stages:

  • Initiation:

This section focuses on dealing with brainstorming sessions with CLIENT, the development of a PITCH LETTER and CONTRACT.

  • Planning:

This section deals with finalizing a schedule, a budget, and deadlines between the CLIENT and DEVELOPER. MARCH 16TH is the date reached to finalize the project. (SEE PROJECT SCHEDULE for other dates relevant to the project).

  • Execution:

This section revolves around handling the structure and functional design:

-Functionality of the website

-Structure and content categories of website content

-WordPress theme which will be adapted for the website

-Graphic Design (visual design and adaptation of the WordPress theme)

-Production (creation of pages with that showcase provided content, including creation of other graphic elements if needed to further supplement the website, etc.)

  • Control

This section revolves around quality control of the entire website. DEVELOPER will make changes and approval from the CLIENT as this phase commences to finalize the website for desired use.

  • Closing

In this section documentation and password sharing will be provided for CLIENT of the finalized website.


Materials Supplied

CLIENT agrees to provide, as required:

The necessary guidance that will help create a successful e-portfolio/website for Carlos Gomez.


All work will be finished by March 16, 2017. Changes or delays by CLIENT may change this deadline.

Payment Schedule

The entire project as agreed will cost the letter grade of an A/A+ (OR a lesser grade within the A-F grading system, based on critique that justifies grade) and $1,500 dollars.

CLIENT agrees to pay $500 upon approval of this contract.

CLIENT agrees to pay $500 will be paid upon approval of the “Graphic Design” stage of the project.

CLIENT agrees to pay the remaining balance of $500 within 7 days after acceptance of the final product (“production” stage).

Any additional work not previously agreed upon will be charged at $100/hr. Payments are due within 15 days of invoicing. DEVELOPER may choose to charge 1.8% per month interest penalty for late payments.


CLIENT has full use rights to all software, graphic design, and writing created by DEVELOPER for this project. All rights pertaining to software and design purchased for the project will be determined by the terms of those purchases.


CLIENT may terminate work at any time and agrees to pay for all completed stages, and one-half of the current stage of work if it is in progress. For example, if CLIENT terminates the project during the “graphic design” stage, CLIENT will pay for the “structure and functional design” stage and one-half of the “graphic design” stage.


The jurisdiction for disputes about this contract is the Communications Department at California State University, East Bay.


“I have read this agreement and I agree to its terms.”


_________________________                      date: _____________


_________________________                      date: _____________



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