Carlos Gomez’s Pitch Letter

Carlos Gomez –

January 16, 2017

Attn: David Gross, COMM 3224

I look forward to working with you in creating an attractive and useful website within the learning of our COMM 3224 course.

I understand that the purpose of this website is to appeal to potential clients, prospective collaborators and even investors. I want the site to be colorful, present with different types of content in video, photography, text, etc., and to display a playful personality throughout. It should be minimal — with a solid and useful design, that showcases my identity, creativity, and most importantly my work.

I’m excited to start working on an online portfolio, where you can see a curated presentation of my recent projects such as videos, writings and photos, as well as more works not as emphasized throughout my career but still can have a place within the website. I believe that the website should also provide social media links and a way to contact me for potential business in the future should also be accessible through this website. I want this site to act as a “modern business card” for myself, but where people can see my previous work to understand who I am creatively and contact me if they want to work with me.

I propose we create a WordPress website (so I can easily modify and maintain it). I estimate that I would require around 60 hours of work in total (which includes installation, graphic design, meetings, revisions, etc.). I offer to create the website for a project fee of an A.

The following are links to e-portfolios that I believe standout because they reveal personality as well as showcases the talent and ability of each person. Our project will strive to be in the same vein of these examples by the end of our course.

Feel free to follow up with any questions.


Carlos E. Gomez


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