Eva’s Pitch

January 9, 2016

Attn: Comm 3224 Lecturer, David Gross

I look forward to working with you to create sleek and productive website for Comm 3224 individual website assignment.

I understand that the purpose of the website is to learn how to create a website as well as make a useful website for future endeavors as a digital portfolio. It should showcase the artist Eva Cassandra Clare’s work (films and photography) to appeal to potential clients, employees, and funders. It should be clean not gaudy, as the art should stand for itself.

I like the idea of making the site center around the artist’s videography and photography; it will provide basics such as a contact link,about link, and a resources link.

I propose the school provides us with a domain however, if that does not work out WordPress will be a likely substitute. In my experience this will require just about 75 hours of work in total (including custom coding, installation, graphic design, meetings, research, revisions, etc.). I offer to create this website for a grade of an A (my average grade for assignments are B+/A). It will be completed by March 16th.

While I have designed and coded online portfolios in the past, I have provided a few links to websites that have provided inspiration for this assignment:






Feel free to follow up with any questions. I can also provide recommendations from current and past teachers.

Sincerely your student,

Eva Miller


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