Tishauna Carrells Functionality of The Website


Attn: David Gross

Re: Functionality of the Website


  • The website should have built-in tools for creating and presentation the following using the “Shine On” theme template on WordPress:  
  • A. Pages
  • About- A page where they can read a small biography about me and my website
  • Contact- A page where they can fill out a contact form to get in contact with me

  B. Blog

  • There should be a section in the top bar menu, where they can click and choose which content they want to see from a drop down menu. Here are the categories it should link to :
  • Eat- Viewers can read about the foods I’ve tried
  • Travel- Viewers can see my blog post relating to travel
  • D.I.Y- Viewers can read my, “Do It Yourself” post
  • Also a Blog menu should be an option in the top bar menu, where it will link to all my blog post.
  • Click header to lead to home page which links to all the blog post
  • C. Tools For Owner
  • See traffic and engagement statistics using Jetpack, should be able to see which blog post receive the most and least traffic, what links users clicked on, how many subscribed to my email and how many comments
  • Backup/restore/ Import system if I want to transfer to a different blog site or save current content
  • Protect from Spam (Akismet and Sucuri Security)
  • Website security (Bullet Proof Security)
  • Site building tools (Jet Pack)
  • Be able to receive comments, reply, and view their website (if authorized)
  • D. Press/Media services
  • Will be suggested to contact me through another email
  • E. A “Responsive Layout” that should resize and adjust to any device viewers may use, minor adjusts are okay .
  • F. Social media
  • Twitter and Instagram icons in top menu should link to accounts
  • Live Twitter feed on the side of the website
  • G. Updates:
  • A subscription box on the side of the website to get email updates
  • II. The website should allow viewers to accomplish the following actions:
  1. Comment on my blog post
  2. Be able to “search” with a search box located on the side of the blog
  3. Have an option to follow me on Twitter and  Instagram in the top bar menu
  4. Subscribe through via email for blog updates with subscription box
  5. Choose blog category from drop down menu
  6. Click “Read more” from page break



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