Functionality of Website- SLuna


February 24, 2017

Attn:      The Client

Re:         Functionality of the Website

Below are the basic functional criteria for the website. Essentially, it is supposed to display the following kinds of pages, and allow you to do the following tasks/actions.

I.        The website should have built-in tools for creating and presentation the following:

A.      Pages

Home– where users can click and it redirects them to the main site of the pageà an overview of portfolio

Photo Gallery- photos will be provided for viewers to see sample work from the photographer

Video Gallery- videos will be provided for viewers to see sample work from the videographer

Contact– Page where potential clients can contact the event planner, videographer, and/or the photographer (links to videographer’s and photographer’s work is provided by clicking on their pictures)

About- learn who we are and what we do

Resources– people can find different resources for wedding planning venues, limo services, catering, etc.

B.      These presentation modules (generally found in WordPress themes or as plugins):

1.                   Pages

2.                   Portfolio (clients and/or projects) presentation module

3.                   Video presentation (galleries) from previous weddings

4.                   Photo galleries

5.                   Website security and copyright

C.      Press/media services

1.         allow subscription to different mailing lists, e.g. for different clients or projects by emailing us individually

2.         news tracking: access to videos and photos

D.       “Responsive” layout — the website must cleanly resize to fit different devices.

II.      The website should allow viewers to accomplish the following actions:


1.                   Search (for text) on website

2.                   Contact wedding planner/ get more info about them

3.                    Look at photos and videos from previous weddings


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