Esmeralda’s Plan



-Pitch Letter


-Project Plan

Start: 01/03/17







Start: 01/09/17




Production begins 01/10/17

-Concept design

-User design





-Review of project

-Quality control

Deadline 03/14/17




-Documentation; codes/notes/passwords

-Exchange of site information

Deadline: 03/16/17

Esmeralda Contract


between Esmeralda Gordillo (hereafter, DEVELOPER)


David Gross (hereafter, CLIENT)

This document constitutes the contract between the above-mentioned parties.

Project Description:

The project is to create a website for David Gross’s communication 3224 class, its purpose to help promote a Life & Style magazine blog site for Ezme-LaLa (Esmeralda Gordillo), its function being to attain followers and exposure. The project includes research, programming, structural design, graphic design, and page production.

The website will be based on an existing WordPress theme to reduce costs and improve stability.

The website will include the following sections:

Culture & Diversity in:  (Photography, media, videos & press resources will accompany if available)

-Life: Self care; wellness, relationships, & self improvement (quotes/motivations/spirituality)

-Food: Reviews, Critiques & food deals

-Style: Beauty/home/travel, & shopping-deals

-Entertainment/Recreation: photography/music/sports/pop culture

Stages of the Project:

The project will be complete in three stages.

1. Structure and Functional Design

a. Functionality of the website

b. Structure and content categories of website content

c. WordPress theme which will be adapted for the website

2. Graphic Design (visual design and adaptation of the WordPress theme)

3. Production (creation of pages with real content, including creation of graphic elements, videos, etc.)

Materials Supplied:

David Gross agrees to provide, as required:

  • necessary artwork in a usable format (e.g. with transparency), including company logo designs
  • approved text for the website


All work will be finished by March 16, 2017. Changes or delays by David Gross may change this deadline.

Payment Schedule:

The entire project as agreed will cost a letter grade of an A.

  • David Gross agrees to give recommendations, comments & feedback upon approval of this contract.
  • David Gross agrees to give 50% letter grade of the final project upon approval of the “Graphic Design” stage of the project.
  • David Gross agrees to Give the remaining 50% letter grade totaling a letter grade of an A upon completion of the final website, on or before March 24, 2017.

Any additional work that exceeds more than 6 hours a week not previously agreed upon, professor David Gross must provide 3% extra credit to the grade. Esmeralda Gordillo may choose to charge an additional penalty fee to the final grade of a letter grade marked up for any late grading after the date of march 24, 2017.


David Gross has full use rights to all software, graphic design, and writing created by Esmeralda Gordillo for this project.

All rights pertaining to software and design purchased for the project will be determined by the terms and conditions of California State University Eastbay’s Communication Department Guidelines.


David Gross may terminate work at any time and agrees to the letter grade agreed upon above for all completed stages, and one-half of the current stage of work if it is in progress. For example, if David Gross terminates the project during the “graphic design” stage, David Gross will provide a final letter grade for the “structure and functional design” stage and one-half of the “graphic design” stage.


The jurisdiction for disputes about this contract is the State of California.

“I have read this agreement and I agree to its terms.”


____________________________________  Date:____________

David Gross  (CLIENT)


____________________________________  Date:____________

Esmeralda Gordillo   (DEVELOPER)

Esmeralda’s Pitch Letter (FINAL)

Esmeralda M. Gordillo

January 9, 2017

Attn:   Professor David Gross

I look forward to learning and applying many of my artistic and unique skills in developing a life and style website for you.

The purpose of the website will be to provide a space to showcase photos, videos and trending topics. A place where prospective followers and trendsetters can view such interests such as; shopping, photography, food, style and entertainment that invoke culture and diversity. Targeting prospective online viewers from ages ranging from 18-30 years old.

The focus of the site is to create a showcase of social trending topics that will be informative, entertaining and trendy, providing a basic magazine style blog.

My direction is to create a WordPress website, where you will have access to make modifications and suggestions. In my experience this will require approximately 6 hours of work each week, which includes custom coding, installation, graphic design, meetings, revisions, etc. I propose to create the website for a project letter grade of an A. With a finalizing site date of March 16, 2017.

Although I have designed some highly coded artistic and complex custom websites in the past, I do not agree that these will provide an adequate depiction of what I am aiming to achieve for you. I highly suggest inspiration from the following websites:

Please do not hesitate to follow up with any questions. I would also be happy to provide any reviews from current and past clients.


Esmeralda M. Gordillo