Functionality of Website- SLuna


February 24, 2017

Attn:      The Client

Re:         Functionality of the Website

Below are the basic functional criteria for the website. Essentially, it is supposed to display the following kinds of pages, and allow you to do the following tasks/actions.

I.        The website should have built-in tools for creating and presentation the following:

A.      Pages

Home– where users can click and it redirects them to the main site of the pageà an overview of portfolio

Photo Gallery- photos will be provided for viewers to see sample work from the photographer

Video Gallery- videos will be provided for viewers to see sample work from the videographer

Contact– Page where potential clients can contact the event planner, videographer, and/or the photographer (links to videographer’s and photographer’s work is provided by clicking on their pictures)

About- learn who we are and what we do

Resources– people can find different resources for wedding planning venues, limo services, catering, etc.

B.      These presentation modules (generally found in WordPress themes or as plugins):

1.                   Pages

2.                   Portfolio (clients and/or projects) presentation module

3.                   Video presentation (galleries) from previous weddings

4.                   Photo galleries

5.                   Website security and copyright

C.      Press/media services

1.         allow subscription to different mailing lists, e.g. for different clients or projects by emailing us individually

2.         news tracking: access to videos and photos

D.       “Responsive” layout — the website must cleanly resize to fit different devices.

II.      The website should allow viewers to accomplish the following actions:


1.                   Search (for text) on website

2.                   Contact wedding planner/ get more info about them

3.                    Look at photos and videos from previous weddings


SLuna’s Contract

Fiat Lux



between __________________ (hereafter, DEVELOPER)


__________________  (hereafter, CLIENT)


This document constitutes the contract between the above-mentioned parties.

Project Description

The project is to create a website for the CLIENT in order help promote the CLIENT’s services to potential employees, funders, and clients, and to serve as a company blog. The project includes research, programming, structural design, graphic design, page production, and training in the use of the final product.

The website will be based on an existing WordPress theme to reduce costs and improve stability. The website will include the following sections:

  1. About
  2. Contact Us
  3. Videos
  4. Photos
  5. Resources

Stages of the Project

The project will be complete in three stages.

  1. Structure and Functional Design:
    1. Functionality of the website
    2. Structure and content categories of website content
    3. WordPress theme which will be adapted for the website
  1. Graphic Design (visual design and adaptation of the WordPress theme)
  2. Production (creation of pages with real content, including creation of graphic elements, videos, etc.)

Materials Supplied

The CLIENT agrees to provide, as required:

  • necessary artwork in a usable format (e.g. with transparency), including company logos, video, photography, and a portfolio of past weddings
  • approved text for the website




Start: 01/03/17



Start: 01/09/17


Production begins 01/10/17



Deadline 03/14/17


Deadline: 03/16/17

All work will be finished by March 16th, 2017. Changes or delays by the CLIENT may change this deadline.

Payment Schedule

The entire project as agreed will cost an A+ letter grade.

  • The CLIENT agrees to give an A upon approval of this contract.
  • The CLIENT agrees to give an A+ upon approval of the “Graphic Design” stage of the project.
  • The CLIENT agrees to pay the remaining balance of an A++ within 4 days after acceptance of the final product (“production” stage).

Any additional work not previously agreed upon will be charged at A+++/hr. Payments are due within 15 days of invoicing. The DEVELOPER may choose to charge 1.8% per month interest penalty for late payments.


The CLIENT has full use rights to all software, graphic design, and writing created by the DEVELOPER for this project. All rights pertaining to software and design purchased for the project will be determined by the terms of those purchases.


The DEVELOPER may terminate work at any time and agrees to pay for all completed stages, and one-half of the current stage of work if it is in progress. For example, if the CLIENT terminates the project during the “graphic design” stage, the wedding planner will pay for the “structure and functional design” stage and one-half of the “graphic design” stage.


The jurisdiction for disputes about this contract is the Department of Communications.


“I have read this agreement and I agree to its terms.”


_________________________ date: _____________


_________________________ date: _____________


SLuna’s Pitch Letter


Stephanie Luna  |

January 8, 2017

Attn: The Professor of Comm 3224, David Gross

I look forward to working with you to create an attractive and promotional website for a new wedding planning group, here, in the East Bay.

I understand that the purpose of the website is to promote, generate business, and serve as a public-facing sales pitch. It should appeal to young, adult couples who are looking for a wedding planner, and also for existing and potential clients. It should consist, but not limited to — present the portfolio of the photographer, videographer, and to show previous weddings planned.

I like the idea of making the website the center of the site while providing the basics of a company brochure: company info/contact us, resources (such as flower companies, limo services, wedding dresses & tux rentals), photos and videos.

I propose we create a WordPress website (so you can modify and maintain it). In my experience this will require around 50 hours of work in total (including capturing videos and photos, graphic design, meetings, revisions, etc.). I offer to create the website for a project fee of an A+ (my normal hourly rate is an A++).

I am providing links to different websites I plan to mirror my website.

Feel free to follow up with any questions. I also can provide recommendations from current and past clients.


Stephanie D. Luna